Lightwave Link: Settings


It is possible to find out information from the Link unit to help understand its behaviour. You can initiate a Hub call in by sending @H, to which the Link will respond:



Name Value(s) Description
trans 1-4294967295 Transaction number of the JSON packet. Increments every transaction
mac XX:XX:XX Last 6 octets of Links MAC Address
time 1420070400 Timestamp of the transaction in a local UNIX time (i.e if Link is set to UTC+2, this time will be UNIX + (3600*2)
prod wfl/lwl Denotes if the product is a WiFiLink with a Screen (wfl) or a Lightwave Link (screen-less) (lwl)
fw U2.93J Which firmware build the Link is running
uptime 12345678 The time in seconds that the Link has been running for without a power cycle, or software restart
timeZone 0 The current timezone of the Link in GMT (the Link automatically goes into DST). 0 is GMT, while 1 is GMT+1 and -5 is GMT-5
lat 51.10 Latitude of the Links location for dusk/dawn calculations
long -0.19 Longitude of the Links location for dusk/dawn calculations
tmrs 0 to 32 The number of Timers stored in the Link
evns 0 to 32 The number of Events stored in the Link
run 0 to 32 The number of Events which are in the process of running in the Link
macs 0 to 12 The number of tablets/phones/PCs the Link is paired to
ip 123.456.789.012 The local IP address the Link is using
dev 0 to 80 The number of heating and energy devices the Link is currently paired to

To find out the Dusk and Dawn time, you can send @D, to which the Link will respond:


where duskTime is the time that Dusk timers will trigger at, and dawnTime is the time where Dawn timers will trigger at.

Commands to alter Link Settings:

Command Operator Example
Set Timezone !FzP(+-)nn !FzP1 Set timezone to GMT+1
    !FzP-5 Set timezone to GMT-5
Set Location !FqP”xxx.xx,yyy.yy” !FqP”052.49,-001.91” Set location to Birmingham,UK
Change Link Brightness @L @L0 Turn the LED on the Link off, and on the LW500, dim the screen
@L1 Turn the LED on the Link on, and on the LW500, brighten the screen

Altering the location will affect the time the Link has for dusk and dawn timers.


  • The Link will automatically change to DST; you do not need to account for this when setting this up. i.e. If you are in BST, when you set the timezone, you would send !FzP0 and not !FzP1.

Last Updated 7/2/16